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Successful Nail Trim!

Behavior and Training Solutions

Video for beginners trimming their cat's nails

Suggestions to make our nail trimming visit more successful

1.  Have a favorite throw blanket or towel that your cat frequently lays on available.

              "Happy" pheromones on it will help relax your cat if there is a need to wrap her for nail trimming.

2.  Desensitization:  When she is relaxed, sitting in your lap, or sleeping, gently touch her paw (few seconds),

                Immediately give a favorite reward  (gentle petting, treat, or message behind ears or sweet spot).    Repeat

                This helps her to have positive association with paw handling and nail trimming.

                Desensitization like this can work within a week with many cats.
                Keep sessions short (30 sec to 1 minute)
                Gradually add more pressure then gentle message to her paw pad each session.  Immediate reward.
                Eventually be able to press on paw pad so nail extends outward.  Immediate reward.
                Keep sessions short (30 sec to 1 minute)

                For clipping her yourself, continue short sessions briefly touch her paw with clipper.  Give a reward.

                If the sound of clipper makes her nervous, clip a spaghetti noodle while holding her.   Give a reward.

                Trim one of her nails.  Reward her.  Later trim another of her nails.  Reward her.
                Stop session if cat seems distressed:  pulling paw away, tail is smacking, ears flattened, nipping,

                any vocalization other than purring. 
                Perform either throughout the day, every day, or several times a week.  Any small amount will help.

3.  Have a favorite reward ready to give to your cat during and after our nail trimming visit. 
                We want this to be fun and positive!  Positive play session after trimming is helpful.