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Currently serving these communities in and around Western Wayne County: Canton, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Livonia, Redford, and Westland in Michigan  USA.

Victoria Blais of Clever Cats Livonia harness trains cats for vet visits and travel

Universal Terms of Service Agreement
 By making payment and agreeing to feline nail trimming or training, the feline guardian acknowledges the small possibility of stress to your cat, or the nail quick being nicked during trim, and will not hold Clever Cats Livonia liable. The greatest care is always taken in handling your precious feline.

Clever Cats Livonia can not be held responsible or liable for any adverse situations resulting from application of information obtained from, Clever Cats Livonia YouTube videos, Clever Cats Livonia Facebook, or CalebAndCompany Instagram sites.  Every cat is unique, therefore, information should be utilized at the sole discretion of the viewer.

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Behavior and Training Solutions

Clever Cats Livonia

  • We can help you with introducing a new cat to your household, dealing with furniture scratching, cat to cat aggression, cat to human aggression, or litter box issues.

Cats benefit from the mental stimulation of training and play

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Clever Cats Livonia carrier training for vet visit

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