Koshka Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia client

Jimbo & Hazel

"We have known Victoria Blais as a cat lover for many years.  When we got our new (Ragdoll) babies, we were glad to have Victoria come help us with their training.  She is very knowledgable and gets good results.  We are looking forward to more sessions with Victoria and our kitties."  

Doug and Sue

Howell, Michigan

Gracie Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia client


in loving memory


Orangie client of Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia


It has been a great challenge for me to trim my cats’ claws.  I have 3 cats in my home, and I find it very frustrating to clip their nails by myself.  Ever since they were kittens, I have tried to clip their nails and I made them bleed, so I don’t like to clip them anymore.  I am very happy that Mike and Victoria Blais of Clever Cats Livonia come to my home to clip my cats’ nails.  They both are wonderful and gentle with my cats.  Taking my cats to the vet to have their nails trimmed is very expensive, not to mention the inconvenience of bringing my cats there.  Mike and Victoria also play with my cats after they are finished trimming their claws.  My cats really enjoy their company.  After my cats have their nails trimmed, they run around like crazy!  They are so happy that they don’t hook their claws into things anymore.  I would highly recommend Mike and Victoria of Clever Cats Livonia for your cats nail trimming.  You won’t be disappointed!

Ann Williams,

Menominee, Michigan


Dear Victoria and Mike,
I want to thank you both for taking such good care of my dear Lucy.
Your patience and love for cats is amazing.
Especially when at first they are nervous and uncooperative, your calming way wins them over.

Being a handicapped senior I'm unable to catch, lift, and trim her nails. 
If it weren't for your home visits I wouldn't be able to keep her.
You two are life savers. Mine, Lucy's, and my furniture. 
I highly recommend your services to young and old (cats and owners) alike.
Looking forward to your next visit.
Farmington,  Mi

Softie Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia client

Beautiful Varmie has been with Clever Cats Livonia since a kitten. 

She and her one eyed mom Melody were thankfully foster failures, being re-homed with their foster parents Howard and Kathy.

Livonia, Michigan

McGreggor Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia client

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In loving memory.

Sebastian totally relaxed after his mani-pedi!

Livonia, Michigan

Sebastian Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia cleint
Lucy Clever Cats Livonia nail trim client


(Russian for cat) & Katja

Koshka Clever Cats Livonia client of Victoria Blais
Otis in loving memory Clever Cats Livonia client

Matt and McGreggor sweet Hemingway kitty chilling together.  Just need a cool drink and bag of chips! Matt's wife Sarah with new addition Gracie. Both sweethearts!

Wayne, Michigan

"I am so grateful you spent so much time with us.  The information you sent is worth its weight in gold.  We would have been wandering around and getting nowhere if left alone to get through this (cat to cat aggression). It is comforting to know you are there for us."


Carmel, Indiana

Alfredo and Don Diego


in loving memory

Clever Cats Livonia

Clever Cats Livonia Jimbo & Hazel ragdolls
Clever Cats Livonia cat to cat aggression solved
Varmie in loving memory Clever Cats Livonia client

Behavior and Training Solutions

Dear Victoria & Mike, 

We want to thank you two for all the help you have given Koshka & Katja, not just for the paw-dicures, but also for the advice that you've been giving us in caring for their needs (and ours).  We're very happy to have you on our "team". 

Thanks again,

Matt & Tammy, Redford Michigan