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Victoria and her husband Mike opened Clever Cats Livonia to lend assistance to cat owners in dealing with cat behavior issues and training, including nail trims. Victoria has a diploma in Feline Behavior Science and Technology from CASI.  As a trainer she is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC link here) Cat Division, a feline training professional member of The Pet Professional Guild (link here), and a feline behavior and training specialist in Michigan as a  Elite Fear Free Certified Professional(link).  She also has the Better Vet Visits certificate (Karen Pryor Academy link). Through these organizations and various professional seminars, Victoria continues increasing her knowledge of feline behavior modification and environmental enrichment, helping cats be happy and healthy as well as have a closer bond with their owner.

We're dedicated to assisting you with in-home feline training and nail grooming trims.

Victoria & Mike Blais enjoy solving cat behavior problems

About Us

Victoria and Mike Blais live in Livonia, Michigan USA and have had cats in their lives for over thirty years.  Victoria, having a bachelor of science in medical technology, has worked in a hospital laboratory, while Mike's bachelor of science is in metallurgical engineering. When they adopted two very active European Burmese in 2008, they realized cats do not need to be declawed and that felines can be trained! They use training techniques made popular by Karen Pryor (link here). Attending three days of seminars for trainers at Clicker Expo(link here), as well as attending the American Association of Feline Practitioners' (link here)international conference for veterinarians in Washington DC in 2016 has been incredibly inspirational for Victoria to develop techniques for making vet visits easier for both owners and their cats.

Victoria Blais cat behavior consultant
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Mike & Victoria Blais enjoy grooming and training their cats Chewie, Mallory, and Haddie.  Caleb arrived in 2013.

diploma Feline Behavior Science and Technology CASI

Clever Cats Livonia

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Behavior and Training Solutions

Shelter Volunteer Working with Cats

With this very exciting new knowledge of positive reinforcement clicker training techniques being used with their now family of three felines, Victoria's co-worker Laurie encouraged her to volunteer at a local shelter that used clicker training for animal enrichment and training for cats and dogs.  Yes cats!  Many shelters are using positive reinforcement training with their cats by means of The Jackson Galaxy Project (link) enrichment program.  Victoria still uses positive reinforcement techniques to help shelter cats feel less stress in their environment, come to the front of the enclosure to greet visitors, therefore, increasing adoption rates.