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Learn the latest science based information about cats and  dogs so you can better understand your  pet, have a closer bond, and improve the welfare of your animal.

Anyone can apply for Supporting, Associate or Certified status in theCat Division of IAABC.

Clicker Expo

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Victoria is always excited to learn new training techniques to help guardians to communicate with their cats.


Haddie European Burmese of Clever Cats Livonia client
Emma Parsons and Victoria Blais Clever Cats Livonia at Clicker Expo MIchigan

Emma Parsons "Click to Calm Healing the Aggressive Dog"

We used these positive reinforcement techniques to alleviate aggression between our felines Mallory and Caleb.

Behavior and Training Solutions

Clever Cats Livonia

Rescue or Re-home European Burmese

These rescued cats are most likely not from an abused situation. They come from loving homes, which have been interrupted in one way or another. All are neutered/spayed before they are rehomed.

If you know of a European Burmese that needs to be rescued or rehomed, or you would like to adopt a European Burmese, please contact Allene Keating at 785-594-6424 or at to get more information. 

See available felines at European Burmese Rescue USA Facebook.