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Clicker Training Basics  using positive reinforcement by Catherine Crawmer in Karen Pryor Clicker Training video.

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Positive reinforcement training


Do You Have Furniture Like This?

Sassy here is embarrassed to show her face, but now that Clever Cats Livonia gives her regular pedicures, she no longer creates her own scratching posts.  What a relief!  Regular trims and a variety of scratching posts in several locations throughout your home is essential.  Each cat has personal preferences: horizontal, vertical, sisal or corrugated cardboard to mention a few.  Felines scratch not only for pedicures and for communication, but also for emotional well being.  Even declawed cats desire a good stretch and to leave their scent.  We see our cats scratch for play which helps relieve tension and anxiety.

Victoria and Mike Blais enjoy cat training and grooming.

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Teach your cat fun tricks

with instructor Julie Posluns. 

It will help you bond with your cat!

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Victoria and Mike love sharing training and grooming techniques with friends and family

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Otis' Story

Otis (middle) hid in a basement room for over two years when brought to her new home where Orangie (front) and Softy (top) were already resident cats.  Intercat aggression was a challenge.  Look at them now! How did Ann Williams and her family get to this point?

Ann allowed Otis to explore the new home while resident cats were confined to another room.  To coax Otis out from her hiding place, familiar family members would gently call her name, giving food rewards outside the door.  Play sessions were also included.  Positive association with being outside the room and later when with Orangie and Softy eventually allowed Otis to adjust to the new environment.