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How to Train a Cat - 5 Point to Remember

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Easy nail trim with distraction

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How to Trim Cat Nails, and Why You Should

"Cat nail trimming benefits cats, their owners and the houses where cats live.  Here is how to trim cat nails safely and efficiently." by Dr Eric Barchas

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Catster, April 11th 2018

Behavior & Training Solutions

Victoria Blais cat behavior and training specialist can:

  • Help you with feline problems such furniture scratching, litter box issues,​ cat to cat aggression, excessive vocalization, or introducing a new cat to your household.
  • Teach you how to trim your cat's nails.
  • Train your cat to sit nice for grooming, enter a carrier willingly, use a scratching post, or wear a harness.
  • Help you have a healthy and happy cat using positive reinforcement training techniques.
  • Give you tips on making vet visits easier.

My article posted in Catastrophic Creations with numerous how-to videos: 

How to Train a Cat - 5 Points to Remember 

Is your cat getting into trouble or do you just want to teach fun tricks?  Read on!

My journey to help my cat Haddie have Fear Free veterinary care posted in The Pet Professional Guild's Barks blog

She transformed from hissing and swatting to tolerant of touch.

Chaining multiple behaviors for low-stress veterinary visits

IAABC Journal, Cat Training Corner discusses some great training you and your cat can do together.  Victoria Blais highlights basic steps to make veterinary visits less stressful.