Play calming music while you are not home or when your pets are not allowed in the bedroom at night.

The Trainable Cat by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis.

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Angled Blade Cat Nail Clippers Keep furniture from being ruined by keeping your cat's nails trimmed and by providing a place for scratching. Your cat will love you!
This target stick with clicker all in one is retractable. Free up your hand to deliver reward treats.
Licki Mat

Wet food puzzle for slowing down eating. Great to use while introducing cats to each other.

Food Puzzles

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These quieter clickers are great for cats. I recommend the ones without a wristband.

Kitty Helpers

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Vetri Mega Probiotic Talk to your veterinarian about possible benefits.

Seven different strains of probiotic miroorganism.

Cat Toys

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Cat Training Books and Tools

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Silvervine: many cats enjoy the scent, providing novel environmental enrichment to keep your cat content!

Scratching Post and Pads

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Cat Nail Trimmer Check out our "Successful trim" tips page.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

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Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker Preloaded with Calming Feline Music, (4"x4"x4" Green).

Bergan Turbo scratching pad and toy We also throw kibble in the groove for a fun foraging puzzle.
Smaty Kat Knock Out Treat Dispensing Toy

Put light variety kibble for mental workout. Don't overfill. Put a few kibbles by outside bottom to help cat learn bumping the toy causes more treats to come out of the hole.

Naughty No More has clicker training illustrations and practical advice. My favorite!
Proviable - DC Talk to your veterinarian about the health benefits.
Fortiflora for cats Talk with your your veterinarian about the possible health benefits.

32" sturdy post for cats that enjoy scratching vertically. Click on photo to check for discounts.

Zero Odor neutralizes urine as well as other household odors.

DaBird: cats love this interactive feather toy! Be sure to put it away when you are done to preserve it.

Freedom No-Pull harness recommended by trainers as the "ultimate in flexibility, control, and training."

Leash not included.

Dog Harness

People often ask me what type of harness they should get for their dog.

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Feliway MultiCat diffuser & refill

Decrease aggression between cats. Owners should also implement behavior modification and environmental enrichment.

Feliway Classic diffuser & refill

Helps control destructive behavior and calm cats in stressful situations.

Pioneer Tiger Diner Ceramic Food Dish

Cats that can forage for food are less stressed.

Rectangular cardboard scratchers (3) allows cats to stretch their muscles and deposit pheromones from their paws, which lowers stress.


Music to Calm Cats

Items That Relax Cats

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Cat Dancer:

interactive toy. When you bounce Cat Dancer along, it stimulates your cat's hunting instincts. Please put toy away when done playing.

Feliway spray.

Spray in the carrier 15 minutes before travel to the vet clinic to help calm your cat. The affect lasts 4 hours.

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